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Avoid Fire! Store your flammables with caution!
Friday, 23 Mar, 2012 – 13:51 | No Comment

by Michigan Fire Claims Inc., a Public Adjuster Company, Rochester Hills, MI
Improperly stored flammable substances are at the origin of many devastating home fires, and should be store and handled with the greatest care. Too often we see people’s homes and lives destroyed by fires originating from the gas cans, propane canisters and other containers with flammable substances.
If you’re like most of us here in Michigan, chances are, you have at least one gas can in …

Fire Restoration – The right way
Saturday, 20 Aug, 2011 – 10:04 | No Comment

Even a small fire can create big odor issues that are very difficult and expensive to get rid of.   Slowly burning furniture or carpets release a thick, black smoke, containing hundreds of toxic compounds that will cover all exposed surfaces in your house, and enter through crevices in between walls and attic and basement spaces.  Your walls, floors, furniture, window treatments will be covered with a black, smelly, acidic mass, which, if not promptly …

Fire smell be gone!
Monday, 1 Aug, 2011 – 9:43 | No Comment

So you had a small kitchen fire, that you were able to put out without much structural damage.  While your house smells like the Inferno, you console yourself with the fact that things were not worse.  Cleaning should be easy you think.  You’ll replace the kitchen cabinet above the stove, air the house out, refresh the paint, and life we’ll be back to normal.  As your deductible is high, and the last thing you need …

Fire Safety during the cold Michigan weather
Monday, 24 Jan, 2011 – 13:14 | No Comment

With the coldest days still ahead of us, fire risk is also on the rise. Our private insurance adjusters at Michigan Fire Claims work on a daily basis with homeowners that had devastating fires. During this time of year, most fires involve portable or space heaters, with electrical fires a close second. Improperly maintained or operated equipment is usually the main cause.
There are few basic precautions to consider, so you and your family stay …

Fires and the holiday season
Saturday, 18 Dec, 2010 – 11:58 | No Comment

For too many Michigan families, the holiday season brings not just the usual joys and happy family times, but also an increased risk of fires.
While no one likes to think of fires other than the one in the fireplace, believe us, it happens; we see it every day. Loosing all you’ve got in a fire is not an easy thing for anyone, but eventually life goes on and thing get better. You buy new things, …

Detroit Lions Season Opener at Home
Sunday, 19 Sep, 2010 – 8:41 | No Comment

My daughter is very excited about going down to Detroit and watching her favorite team the Detroit Lions play the Philadelphia Eagles.  She tells me this morning that the Detroit Lions will need help with out Mathew Stafford and a lot of  help against Vick.  I am just excited to watch the Lions play.  With or without help against the Eagles, my daughter and I will have fun.

Remembering 9.11
Saturday, 11 Sep, 2010 – 7:44 | No Comment

Most of us remember where we were on 9-11-2001.  I was in Detroit providing help to a family after there home was burned the week before due to a candle being left too near combustibles when a fire started in the basement and nearly destroyed there home.  The neighbor next door ran out and caught our attention as she started to scream about the twin towers having planes fly into them.  It has been nine years …

Fire Estimates
Monday, 23 Aug, 2010 – 6:52 | No Comment

Fire estimates are a valuble tool in determing broad evidence on homes that are total loss.  Insurance companies generally pay actual cash value on homes and buisnesses when insureds do not want to rebuid and that generally means market value.  The State of Michigan allows the use of fire estimates on a broad evidence rule to determine actual cash value.  A soundly written fire estimate will insure a greater settlement on broad evidence and will also …

Mortgagee Clause
Wednesday, 30 Jun, 2010 – 6:14 | No Comment

Answering the question of why mortgagees appear on any structure payments issued to policyholders on insurance claims in Michigan.  Most homeowner and buisness structure policies protect the mortgagee in what is known as the mortgage clause.  The mortgagee also includes trustee or loss payee.  If the mortgagee is named in the policy, then any the mortgagees interest would be protected and their name would appear on any instruments of payment by the insurance company.  There …

Destruction in Dundee
Saturday, 12 Jun, 2010 – 6:13 | No Comment

The damage created by the tornado in Dundee this past week was unimaginable .  We spent several days consulting with city officials and tornado victims on how to file proper claims.  Several homeowners requested claim help.  Our company is doing as much as we can for all the victims involved.  I will update more on this subject on future postings.