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Fire loss caused by negligence… will my insurance policy cover it?
Monday, 5 Mar, 2012 – 16:47 | No Comment

Most fires are caused by some sort of human error; therefore, negligence is easily implied.  One could have better supervised the kitchen, the candles, the stove, fix those electric outlets, etc.  The fact is, in most cases, the homeowner bear some responsibility.  Can the property loss claim be denied on grounds of negligence?
Not usually.   Unless the policy owners purposely set the fire (in which case is classified as arson), the fire loss is covered …

Examination Under Oath or EUO
Monday, 24 May, 2010 – 7:16 | No Comment

I have been asked many times what is and why are in insurance companies requesting and exam under oath. An examination under oath is an insurance companies way of attempting to gather information from an insured to not pay their claim.  It is as simple as that.  An insurance company has a right under the policy and will frequently ask for an exam under oath when they want to be difficult.  An insured has the …