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Michigan Fire Claims, Inc. welcomes Public Adjusters Andre Yanish and Gerald Hernandez
Friday, 1 Jun, 2012 – 10:48 | No Comment

We are welcoming claims adjuster specialist Andre Yanish and public insurance adjuster Gerald among us. They are incredible people and outstanding professionals with a lot of experience in the public adjuster business. Our company will be stronger and our team better because of them.
See for yourself why we are so excited about our newest members of our public adjuster team.  They will focus on expanding Michigan Fire Claims’ coverage of the Grand Rapids Area and Southwest Michigan.
Nik Kalaj, CEO …

Commercial loss insurance claims: Let the experts handle it!
Wednesday, 9 May, 2012 – 6:54 | No Comment

For business owners, dealing with any fire, flooding, storm damage or vandalism, it’s usually a real nightmare.  Even a week or two out of the market can have a huge negative impact and cause serious business loss.  A quick restoration and reimbursement for the business losses suffered may be essential to the business’ very survival.
In the insurance claim process, the burden of proof falls on the business owner. The documentation he/she submits is used in …

A Hot Issue: Dishwashers on Fire
Thursday, 5 Apr, 2012 – 9:47 | No Comment

Two thirds of home fires start, in one way or another, in the kitchen. As you may safely guess, most of them are directly related to unattended cooking, with ignition of food and cooking equipment as the leading cause of home fires and personal injuries. We’ve all been warned of the dangers of fires from cooking and kitchen appliances like hotplates or grills, and hopefully take the necessary precautions…
But here’s one particular kitchen appliance you …

Avoid Fire! Store your flammables with caution!
Friday, 23 Mar, 2012 – 13:51 | No Comment

by Michigan Fire Claims Inc., a Public Adjuster Company, Rochester Hills, MI
Improperly stored flammable substances are at the origin of many devastating home fires, and should be store and handled with the greatest care. Too often we see people’s homes and lives destroyed by fires originating from the gas cans, propane canisters and other containers with flammable substances.
If you’re like most of us here in Michigan, chances are, you have at least one gas can in …

Insurance settlement blues…
Thursday, 8 Mar, 2012 – 13:27 | No Comment

More often than you think, policy owners get the second round of bad news (after the actual disaster…) when the insurance company presents their settlement offer. In many cases we worked on, the settlement offers were sometimes up to 70% less than the actual rebuilding costs.
How is this possible? It happens mainly because about 9 out of 10 property losses evaluated by insurance adjusters are estimated less than their fair value, to varying …

Fire loss caused by negligence… will my insurance policy cover it?
Monday, 5 Mar, 2012 – 16:47 | No Comment

Most fires are caused by some sort of human error; therefore, negligence is easily implied.  One could have better supervised the kitchen, the candles, the stove, fix those electric outlets, etc.  The fact is, in most cases, the homeowner bear some responsibility.  Can the property loss claim be denied on grounds of negligence?
Not usually.   Unless the policy owners purposely set the fire (in which case is classified as arson), the fire loss is covered …

Fall is here, but is it safe to turn up the heat???
Wednesday, 21 Sep, 2011 – 8:28 | No Comment

When it comes to preparing for the colder weather, there is one thing you simply can’t neglect – to have your furnace checked for safety.
This relatively simple and generally inexpensive task will prevent unwanted complications, even tragedy.  Not just it’s not fun when your furnace stops working and it’s freezing outside, but, most importantly, servicing your heating system will make your home and family safer, decreasing the chance of serious accidents.
During the cold season, improperly …

Fire Restoration – The right way
Saturday, 20 Aug, 2011 – 10:04 | No Comment

Even a small fire can create big odor issues that are very difficult and expensive to get rid of.   Slowly burning furniture or carpets release a thick, black smoke, containing hundreds of toxic compounds that will cover all exposed surfaces in your house, and enter through crevices in between walls and attic and basement spaces.  Your walls, floors, furniture, window treatments will be covered with a black, smelly, acidic mass, which, if not promptly …

Fire smell be gone!
Monday, 1 Aug, 2011 – 9:43 | No Comment

So you had a small kitchen fire, that you were able to put out without much structural damage.  While your house smells like the Inferno, you console yourself with the fact that things were not worse.  Cleaning should be easy you think.  You’ll replace the kitchen cabinet above the stove, air the house out, refresh the paint, and life we’ll be back to normal.  As your deductible is high, and the last thing you need …

Twelve hundred customers!
Friday, 22 Jul, 2011 – 8:06 | No Comment

No, not looking for obscure reasons to brag or celebrate  (although I don’t usually object to the later )
Just that, painfully aware of the time and effort we put into a single case, working twelve hundred of them, suddenly seems like a milestone more than worth mentioning. One where we should stop and enjoy the moment, and also reflect on our 8 years existence, with gratitude to everyone who helped make our success …